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are not happy about the report. getting help in the east bay helping find homes for dogs and saving their lives, it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> the ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, i want to show you a live picture in highway 24, broward county mayor ken keechi is issuing a black ice advisory. it is not lake tahoe but it will be another chilly day and we will check in with steve for the complete forecast. let's talk about weather and traffic, steve is right here. >> i am and thank you very much, a very good morning, we have some cold temperatures and most of the records were 1972 and napa's 1932. it was 24 and san francisco dipped and that's not going to
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happen. oakland airport is close. their record is 18 and that will not happen. the record is 26 and in 1972, we have the freeze warning and it goes until 1:00. by wednesday and thursday, we should start to see moderation as temperatures warm up every day. 20s and 30s, we are pretty close on these temperatures and there is not a cloud to be found in the state of california. so a cold morning, here is some sunshine, a little breezy and some highs today, upper 40s for some and very low 50s. here is sal. all lanes of interstate 880 are back open after they hit some barrels on the 5th avenue x its. those barrels -- 5th avenue
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exits. those barrels exploded however the 5th avenue off ramp remains closed and we will not be able to deal with the off ramp. let's move to some live pictures and this is a look at westbound 92. dumbarton bridge looks good on the peninsular and if you are driving on the peninsular, traffic in both directions looks good. at 5:01 let's go back to the desk. they are warning all of you drivers, be very careful on the roads. freezing temperatures causing black ice and we are in lafayette right now. what do you see and tell us about the dangers we are talking about. >> well black ice is tricky and we have a couple of patches along highway 24. there is a sign on the roadway, warning drivers about this black ice. slippery conditions are on 24
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eastbound near the ranch road in orinda and in lafayette. black ice is a thin coating of glazed ice on the roadway and while it is not truly transparent it is black and it is not surprising given this cold snap we have had over the past week. we want to remind folks to take it easy and ease off the gas and keep your hands firmly on the wheel. i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, the freezing warning especially dangerous for homeless people, janine de la vega is there where four people have died of exposure. >> the workers inside say they are full and 200 people have checked in and it is very cold and they are not turning
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anybody away. over the weekend outreach workers handed out blankets and there are various homeless encampments. four men died and three of them were homeless there was also a homeless man died in dublin and they are investigating whether he died of exposure. now at san jose's shelter, they have added beds for more people who want to get out from the cold. they have pets but in sunnyvale, they are allowing people to bring animals. they are working to get more information and for those who are mentally ill, they can't be forced to go into a shelter. we will be checking in with those who stayed here last night to talk about this cold snap and we are being told they
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will be allowed to stay until at least 8:00 a.m. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, thousands of flights have been canceled or delayed because of the east coast and traffic on the roads are dangerous and a mess. dozens are caused by icy roads including a deadly 50 car chain reaction crash. some drivers are stuck on the icy roads after getting stuck in the snow. >> there is a layer and there is no salt down and everybody is stuck where they are. 3700 flights were canceled across the country. at least 7 flights are canceled and if you have to fly, please call ahead to check the status of your flight. it is dangerous even in
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plan texas. that is texas and 50 events have been canceled because of the weather there and this normally attracts 25,000 runners. a sheriff's deputy who shot and killed andy lopez is expected back to work today. he will remain on desk assignment until they determine if criminal charges will be filed. he has been off the job since that shooting and gail house did not realize the assault rifle style gun that lopez was wearing is not real. they plan to meet at city hall and they will march to the sheriff's office and they claim it is a slap in the face. police in vallejo is searching for a shooter that seriously wounded a man near an elementary school.
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and it ended on would be avenue and he was found in a street by a woman who was driving home from church. he was suffering from non-life threatening injuries but they did see them arguing just before the shooting. some people are concerned about the rods that support the bay bridge. it appears to be vulnerable but experts also say drivers who are using the bridge should not be afraid of it coming down and they say that the current issues only pose long-term risks and the senate state and housing committees are conducting hearings on the construction involving the span. information will be the focus of a community meeting after complaints this summer about a start-up company flying planes out of the airport.
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the noise can be heard throughout the area and the community meeting will start at 6:00 tonight at the park pavilion on watkins avenue. 30 small dogs which have been in the east bay animal shelters are heading to idaho. friends of the animal shelter said they have plenty of small dogs but people are showing very little interest in adopting smaller breed dogs. these are headed to a part of the country where they are more likely to find animals who love them. >> it is a pretty good idea to send animals so that you're not euthanizing animals which could make a great companion for somebody. >> they will take off from the livermore airport at 9:00 a.m. this morning. they call the flight the
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chiwawa express. that is sparking a new push for higher minimum wage. the national minimum wage is $7.25 per hour and they can't live on that and they are pushing the government to increase it. several states are starting next july to boost their minimum wage up to $9 per hour. just last week, workers were demanding a $15 minimum. they found two-thirds of for the attain 5 -- fortune 500 companies are planning to start offering benefits to same-sex marriage couples next year. 1,400 companies have policies
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prohibiting discrimination against gay and transgender workers. 4th ranked minimum, sanford linebacker will end the threat in the third quarter, a tight game is the only one which will appear in its 4 consecutive bcs games. now skiers, snowboarders, they have been waiting for this. how much snow will they be wait being for over the weekend and what will you have as you go to lake tahoe. the special guest will be traveling with the president on board air force one, we will explain. and traffic is off to a good start on monday, we are looking at 880 westbound and we have slowing in some places and
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we will let you know where. lots of 20s and 30s, will this continue for the week and i will have answers for that. let's see if we can find anymore rain. ♪ that's my kind of holiday hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that?
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♪ pose! yeah! ♪ flash! yeah! ♪ get the family to strike a pose, ♪ ♪ and show off your brand new clothes! ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. . welcome back, time now 15:13 being -- 5:13 in five minutes president barack obama will head for the funeral of nelson mandella in south
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africa. we have live pictures and we believe the president is in one of the vehicle arriving in maryland. we will keep an eye on it and they are pulling up to air force one right now, just watch these pictures. president barack obama will be joined on the trip by former president george w. bush, his wife laura and former secretary of state secretary of state hillary rodham clinton. former president bill clinton will also be going to the funeral of nelson mandella and we are watching the vehicle doors in front of air force one. and we see first lady michelle obama getting out one side and president barack obama getting out the other. we are about to walk up the steps of air force one and we can tell you jimmy carter and former president bill clinton will also be going to the memorial but they will be traveling separately.
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first lady michelle obama is getting ready to take off from there heading to south africa where they will attend the funeral and we will watch them walk up the steps. people in south africa are still gathering outside the home in yes johannesburg. and they will hold the memorial in a soccer area one that holds 9 5,000 people. they will hold the memorial wednesday through friday and then he will be buried in a village he grew up in. now yesterday in south car a, the government called for a day of rememberance. people gathered in churches, in
5:16 am
mosques and in synagogues paying respect to many people called the father of south africa. the flight 214 was canceled and more details have been revealed about the readiness of the fire department commanders ready to deal with the crash at fso. they reported three commanders never took the training course that is required for first responders. other fire departments have chosen supervisor of those who have taken that course. we will have live reports of that hearing tomorrow and on wednesday and you can follow for realtime update. and the handle is located there. they will allow some u.s. troops to remain in afghanistan
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after 2014. they are allowing them to remain after a planned withdrawal with most interesting troops by the end of next year. now the agreement was approved by a council of kind ball else -- tribal elders and it must be signed for any u.s. troops to remain. >> no international partners will come and and afghanistan essentially will be alone. >> now the main sticking point is ahmed wali karzai. although he initially voiced disappointment, he wanted to hold off on signing it until after elections in april. >> time now 5:17, students can start getting meningitis b vaccines starting today. this comes after 8 cases on campus were reported since march. now in response to that outbreak, they gave prince on it special -- princeton special
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approval and there was an outbreak here in california and santa barbara and he had to have his feet amputated. let's check in with sal, we can't say enough about the black ice. are you seeing anything about that? >> well, we could have other patches of black ice and we just don't know about them yet. she seems pretty good about it but the bay bridge is light and we were wondering as we get closer to christmas, what traffic patterns will hold . heavy and we start to tail off as we get closer to the 25th. moving a long, traffic here looks good heading out to the peninsular. the only thing i see there is a
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little bit more than usual speeds and for the most part it looks good and for the east bay traffic on 580 it looks good moving on to caster valley. at 519, let's move on to steve. 20s and 30s, obviously a couple of teens and maybe people are not up yet. it is cold, we have a freeze warning and it will be cool and sunny later today, again upper 40s and lower 50s, it does not look like we will set any records and almost all the records are 1972 except napa 1932. san francisco will not and last i checked, a freeze warning until 9:00 and pie wednesday and thursday, -- by wednesday and thursday, as the afternoon highs gradually warm up, 36 now
5:20 am
in the city, 31 oakland airport and a little breeze may be holding up to a few of those. it is 15 below up in chuck can i and tahoe. one the loanliest -- loneliest number, at one up there and clear skies and it will be sunny and temperatures continue very slowly. they have slow stops and the cold snap continues. i think by wednesday, she said it feels warm here and it is very slow warming here. upper 40s and breezy in the hills, upper 40s and lower 50s, semolina, novato, couple of lower 50s, brent wood to oakly, i want berkeley 52, morgan hill, closer to the bay and also by the coast, 49 and
5:21 am
woodside 48 degrees. palo alto at 50 so it is cold and if you are headed to tahoe it's cold and 8 pillow and tomorrow will be 5 below and wednesday looks a little bit better, it is 8 so things are gradually warming up. we have a weak system brushing in, it looks very dry and maybe 60s by the weekend. nearly two thirds will start scaling back and 52 percent or his replacement come back with the bombed buying program next year. checking in on wall street, it looks like a quiet opening, slightly higher for the futures but it follows a great day dow jones industrial average back above 16,000, gained 200 points on friday nasdaq also up 30s
5:22 am
and s&p s&p 500 back up 30 points and we have some good index points as well. a woman called the lay away angel is am cog forward -- is coming forward to meet the people she helps. why are many football fans having to be at yesterday's football game. did you get chips for the party? nope.
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. welcome back, time now 5:24 candle stick park was packed for last game. it was an important game for the seattle seahawks in this huge divisional matchup and now there is only one game pan that is why the fans agreed it was so important to show up to yesterday's game. >> we needed to be here because it was the last game. >> san jose police stepped up their presence mixed into the crowds and the day went smoothly inside the park but one man was hit with a bottle outside the stadium and he was treated outside and no arrests were made. they are preventing many from parking at the new stadium. there is accounting on nearby
5:26 am
businesses, 21 parkings spaces on a game day but during the week, they will be filled about by employee cars but it will not be through during the first season ever. and snowboarding, but the red,white and blue uniforms were designed and the fleece was woven in italy and accessories were made in china. they ensured that the highest technical and standard were met. demanding more ski borders and others were there over the past ten years. they saw a 2% jump in visit visitors and many are saying
5:27 am
they have a giant advertisement for skiing. back in 2010, they watched the opening ceremonies for the winter olympics. time now 5:26 we are waking up to another freezing day of temperatures. how long will it be cold and what is being done to help the homeless. a sheriff's deputy shot and killed a teen, who is supposed to return to work, how supporters and andy lopez responded to this move. and we are looking at conditions that is still pretty good for drivers, it looks good from walnut creek to oakland and it is beginning to snow in other areas of contra costa, i will tell you where. we have warmer temperatures on the way what about more rain, we could sure use it, i will have all the answers
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coming up. to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way.
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enroll today at
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. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news, chp issued a black ice warn being. you don't know you are in it until you are in it so be careful as you get out there, it is cold. good morning, thank you for
5:31 am
joining us, it is 5:30 let's see how long this cold will last, steve? >> until about mid-week, pam. >> okay. >> it is freezing and i know it has been that way but it looks like things will start to warm up gradually. concord 34 officially but casey tweeted me 29, so not far away, i think you can find colder readings. freeze warning continues until 9:00 and we will hoist it again and things may modify a little bit on the temperatures, but it is 20s and 30s, half-moon bay, antioch, there is a little bit of a breeze holding up mainly in the hills and temperatures are gradually warming up, each day a couple of degrees, 50s closer to the coast, highs 40s
5:32 am
and 50s, this may be the coldest day of the week, here is sal. a big-rig hit some sand barrels on the side of the road and those exploded all over the place, but the driver said he swerve to avoid another card. he was injured. however caltrans was there until 6:30 to repair those barrels. this is a westbound bay bridge, no problems, a little bit of a backup closest to the parking lot here. also we are we are looking at 880 southbound and 580 looked pretty good. then highway 4, westbound through that construction zone, we already have some stop and go traffic there. let's go back to the desk.
5:33 am
a freeze warning is in effect throughout the bay area, this led to the deaths of four people and homeless advocates spend the weekend getting the word out there about the shelters. >> reporter: pam, about 200 people checked in, in san jose and many are sleeping now and are grateful to be inside. over the weekend out riece workers dropped off other supplies. four men died during last week's cold snap. three of them were homeless and there was another report about whether another man died from exposure. they will have national guard where they are adding more beds
5:34 am
to many shelters and it comes as a warning because last week there were limited beds. >> i was second to the last, i was ready to cry and then they started letting everybody in because it is so cold and they had a medical team here for people who think they have hypothermia and things like that so it is very rewarding to be here. i am grateful. >> some homeless will not go to the shelters but they are allowing animals into the infirmary. they are getting words out about tips about being safe. for many in certain cases they can't be forced to go into a shelter but here a hot breakfast is being provided in the next hour and people will be allowed to stay until 8:00 a.m. reporting live, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning
5:35 am
news. the cold weather has been great for skiers. most ski resorts have been used and the storm stopped and for now chains are not required on 80 or 50. a sheriff's deputy stopped and skilled andy lopez. we will hear how reporters are responding to this, alex? they call this a slap in the face but the deputy who opened fire on that teen has been checked out by men that'll health -- mental health professionals and has been cleared to return to work. although he will only be on desk duty, it will be until he
5:36 am
is complete. well the 13-year-old was -- had mistaken the real weapon for a replica. the shooting led to many large protests and sue partyers of -- supporters of lopez will march here at the sonoma sheriff's department to protest and others will return to work. live in santa rosa, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the 25-year-old ban is due to expire at midnight. today's vote is to extend the ban for an additional 10 years. plastic guns should be made with a computer with an
5:37 am
additional extension next week. play station 4 is expected to run a plea in court. it happened last week in the bay view district. he had agreed to sell him one on ins gram. he is being held on $5 million bail. he was in a driveby shooting which injured a 15- year-old. a 15-year-old girl was shot in the hand and she is expected to recover and police are looking for two suspects and asking anybody who did see this, give them a call. chris cain was out walking
5:38 am
with his 2 young children and they saw a skeleton under leaves. later police plan to go back to that park to continue their investigation. they are collecting dna samples from respective felons. the justices will hear more brought to you by the a.c.l.u. anybody who violation late says dna helped solve many cases and they are upholding that law where many have been accused of serious felonies. they have several parking
5:39 am
meters and the transportation agency also wanted to buy an extra 10,000 meters to install in new locations but the city council voted against that idea. they will offer incentives to pick up people in wheelchairs. cab drivers will pay and while chair accessible cabs will go to the front of the lean at fso to pick up passengers. san jose may impose new rules that could drastically impose marijuana dispensaries in the city. it will keep dis dispensaries away from homes and park. >> medical marijuana supporters say they will fight back with a
5:40 am
ballot measure. it has been one month since they met with success but are split and traffic volume has been reduced and the casino is bringing more money to the area but sonoma says sheriff's deputies are saying this is creating crime. this is the busiest beat but the impact on crime in the city is small. in walnut creek, they have more which would outline development over the next 20 years. they said it would am hold 300,000 feet of retail space but it would disrupt some businesses and some could be forced to move or close their
5:41 am
doors. they are coming to their life homes. thousands ever fans, the ww e.said russellmania has generated more than $200 million for its past community. >> yes, it is. >> even i was driving careful this morning. there is a warning, be careful and why the chp says, we have to be careful. one woman decided to pay off other people's lay away charges. highway 4 looks good but nearby there are reports of black ice and we will tell you where that is and how to avoid the area.
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$♪ welcome back. the death toll from typhoon haiyan continues to rise, nearly 6,000 people were killed and 1,700 are still missing. effort to rebuild have begun in a small city. they now have electricity and they have approved some money to help with the world effort. they are helping others in the philippines with the help of our partners and they will
5:45 am
match every dollar you donate up to $4,000 and all the money will go right to the red cross. go and look for the information on our home page. he is back here in the bay area, now the 85-year-old korean vet, newman said he was treated well. he was reunited with his family and was well fed and comfortable while tee attained in north -- detained in north korea but he also said he did not write the apology which was aired by north korea. as part of a plea agreement heel have to undergo mental health
5:46 am
treatment. he resigned as mayor in august after more than a dozen women accused him of verbal and physical harassment. government agencies are checking on your cell phone records. a report surfaced that they secretly collected data and they are also mining information and the paper found more than 125 police agencies to target specific cell phone towers. they can then find the location and identity of any phone. santa teamed up with a bunch of bay area bikers for guests for children at san francisco general. they helped with motorcycle clubs across the bay area and passed out information to several patients and this is part of a tradition from 30 years ago. >> this may be the only gift
5:47 am
they get and a hospital from experience is the worst place to be on christmas. >> perkins said some of the doctors at san francisco general saved his life and it was that event and experience that caused him to continue what he does today. a wal-mart angel made many customers happy by paying off accounts. >> she said she was doing something nice and i said thank you and i was in shock.. >> elizabeth cortez, the woman who would not give her name paid off thousands of dollars of layoff balances and then she hung around and waited to meet a few of them. for cortez it was more than
5:48 am
$100 worth for christmas. >> i am going to pay it forward as well. >> the lay away angel since then there are thousands of cases of stores happening all over the country during this very special time of the year, pam. >> 5:47 is the time let's get a look at traffic. >> i think we are doing okay on the roads, not too bad out there, as a matter of fact we will look at some of these commutes which is not really heavy but we we have to warn you about the potential for black ice. this means you could be slipping and sliding in some areas. you can't really see it and just be careful, it has been reported on highway 24. also looking apt the commute on 237 westbound, the traffic is moving along well there as you
5:49 am
approach several roads and to the san mateo area, southbound 101 looks good. let's go to steve. clear skies out there, there is a puff of a breeze for few, that brings some of the temperatures up and teens, mainly 20s and 30s. staying clear and who cold gradually warmer. san jose is close and it does not look like we are there yet, it will be close for some but no for others, it is close but probably not. a freeze warning for everybody except san francisco. and now it is 25, 23 in novato
5:50 am
and napa, a little breeze out towards concord, also towards walnut creek, antioch, not much for one or the other, a little northerly breeze, 15 degrees up in chuck e.and very cold and i think i saw chloe check in at lakeport. a lot of -- a lot of cold areas and there snow stopping some of the inland highs. a little breezy for some, there is that come point and in, i -- component, i think you will struggle to get there, upper
5:51 am
40s in walnut creek, berkeley alameda lower 50s with an offshore breeze including san jose 51 and in the upper peninsular it is a soft 50 degrees. tahoe is starting off with 8- degrees and by wednesday, the lows are coming up. a weak system thursday and warmer temperatures after that will take us to the weekend. u.s. airways are scheduled to sign paperwork and the new american airlines will be the world's largest but you will still see u.s. airways jets and it will continue to operate separate flight operations with one management people to until this summer. including google yahoo, they are hurting their business and
5:52 am
they are asking governments to give them more privacy issues and if they don't see it, they tonight use it. about the media company. event live will be set and screened. they have four legs, but they will be flying out of the bay area. what is next for 30 small dogs and the reason they are leaving to new homes in the northwest. plus a bay area young girl is making a political statement and the documentary which is making her a star. [son] all right,she has no idea.
5:53 am
[man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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5:55 am
. welcome back time now 5:54 it keeps growing where he died at the spot and thousands are filling this area in industrial park leaving candles flowers and notes. he died last month at a holiday toy drive benefiting his nonprofit organization reach out worldwide. cameras were pointed at the
5:56 am
engineers and senator charles schumer of connecticut are pushing for these cameras, after a computer train jumped killing four people and injuring several others. he dosed off and was dazed just before that and derailment, the ntsb installed cameras on trains four years ago. the kennedy center honors them in washington d.c. and they received top civilian awards, billy joel, shirley maclaine and carlos santana. he was born in mexico and raised here in san francisco. it will air on december 29th. a nine-year-old girl in marin county is now the focus of a documentary and her
5:57 am
attempt to end childhood slavery. >> vivian's mission began last year when her parents showed her a photograph of two young boys carrying stones on their backs and holding hands. that is when she began selling lemonade with various commissions to end childhood slave have i. >> people fall into slavery not because they are stupid but because they have been lied to. >> the documentary called stand with me premiers around the country on february 1st. is their open, who is now set for more and how the game
5:58 am
will turn out. the reason it gets worse before it gets better. it is getting a lot slower and we will tell you what just happened to make it slower. some of the others with a little black ice are affecting us for how long? or will we have warmer weather this week? i will tell you more coming up. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home. like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso. elegant capsules meet masterfully crafted machines, and one touch creates the perfect coffee, cappuccino, and latte. ♪ tempt all your senses with one extraordinary coffee.
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[ penélope cruz ] nespresso. what else? [ male announcer ] discover the world of nespresso on grant avenue and
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. we are live on bay area roadways and we will tell you where to expect black ice this morning. a sheriff's deputy shot and killed a teen, we will tell you why andy lopez's family believes this is a slap in the face. >> they uncovered parts of the new span and why they could be at risk. the east bay is finding new homes for dozens of dogs and even saving their lives, it's all ahead on the ktvu channel

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